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2005 Municipal Election
Erie County, Pennsylvania
November 8, 2005

Y = Yes; N = No
b = Did not reply yes or no.
Blank line = No response; did not return or acknowledge our questionnaire.
Pro-life, or more resolutely pro-life, responses are in CAPS. Other responses are in lower case.
D = Democrat; R = Republican; Cross = Cross filed
* = See further comments.
QUESTION:   123456789
  Erie County Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
  John Garhart (Cross) Y Y Y Y* Y N Y Y Y
  Erie County Executive
  Mark A. DiVecchio (D) Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y
  Dale R. McBrier (R) Y Y Y Y Y* N* Y* Y* Y
  Erie County Sheriff
  Bob Merski (D)          
  Clerk of Records
  Patrick L. Fetzner (D)          
  Erie County Council 2nd District
  Joe Giles (D)          
  Vicki L. Taylor (R) YYYYYNYYY
  Erie County Council 4th District
  Ronald Whitey Cleaver (D) YYYY*Yy YYY
  Tim Zarnick (R) Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y
  Erie County Council 6th District
  David E. Mitchell (R) Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y
  Magisterial District Judge 3
  Joseph F. Giannamore (D) Y Y Y b b b n Y Y
  Thomas Carney (Cross)          
  Magisterial District Judge 4
  Joseph R. LeFaiver (Cross)          
  Magisterial District Judge 5
  Dominick D. DiPaolo * (Cross) b b b b b b b b b
  Joe Sinnott (D) Y Y Y Y* Y N Y Y Y
  Jack Anderson (R) Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y
  City Controller
  Casimir J. "Kaz" Kwitowski (D)          
  City Treasurer
  Susan E. DiVecchio (D)          
  City Council (vote for 4)
  Lonny Gatlin (D) * bbbbbbbbb
  Rubye Jenkins-Husband (D)          
  Curtis Jones, Jr. (D)          
  James N. "Jim" Thompson (D) Y Y Y Y* Y N Y Y Y
  James H. Eichler (R)          

1. INFORMED CONSENT   Should abortion providers be requic50018 to offer basic information to a woman who is considering an abortion to inform her about medical risks, alternatives to abortion, fetal development, the probable gestational age of her unborn child, and the availability of assistance benefits if the woman decides to continue her pregnancy? (Pennsylvania law currently requires these things.)

2. TIME FOR DELIBERATION   After initially consulting with a physician, should a woman who wants an abortion be given 24 hours to carefully consider her decision before an abortion is carried out? (Pennsylvania law currently requires this.)

3. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT   If someone who is seeking an abortion is less than 18 years old, should the consent of at least one parent be requic50018 unless a judge determines that extenuating circumstances are involved? (Pennsylvania law currently requires this.)

4. LEGAL PROTECTION FOR THE UNBORN CHILD   If Roe v. Wade is overturned, would you favor the enactment a state law prohibiting abortion unless necessary to prevent the death of the mother, or prohibiting abortion with certain exceptions. (Please specify what exceptions, if any.)

5. LATE TERM ABORTIONS   Should abortions be prohibited in all cases where the unborn child is mature enough to survive apart from his or her mother?

6. GOVERNMENT FUNDING   Should public funds be used to pay for abortions?

7. ASSISTED SUICIDE   Should physician-assisted suicide be prohibited?

8. PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS   Are you comfortable with peaceful, non-obstructive individuals using public sidewalks near abortion facilities to express opposition to abortion or to advocate alternatives to abortion?

9. SIDEWALK COUNSELING   Does the First Amendment in your opinion protect individuals who politely communicate with abortion facility customers by offering literature or suggesting alternatives to abortion to the same extent that other kinds of literature distribution and public discourse are protected?


Cleaver RE #4   "Let state set exceptions." (Supports exceptions for a variety of cases.)

DiPaolo   "As you probably already know the Rules of Professional Conduct and Cannon Law does not permit the Judiciary from responding to such a survey."

Garhart RE #4   (Exceptions?) "Rape and incest"

Gatlin "I do not believe it is appropriate for a candidate for the office of Erie City Council to take a position on this issue.... I feel that any decision by the voters of the City of Erie respecting my qualifications and fitness for office should be based on factors other than my personal views regarding this issue." (Gatlin recently characterized himself as "pro-choice" in a conversation with a People for Life member.)

McBrier RE #5   (Yes), "but I can imagine extraordinary physical handicap that would mean the child had no hope or consciousness that would suggest a cause for finality."

McBrier RE #6   (No), "unless (refers back to response to question #5)."

McBrier RE #7   (Yes), "but this is harder. Does a person die with less dignity if assisted or more dignity."

McBrier RE #8   "The right of public assembly is protected by the Constitution."

Sinnott RE #4   "If the laws would be constitutional alternatives to federal law. Federal law generally supercedes state law."

Thompson RE #4   "It is difficult to say under what exception other than to prevent the death of the mother, but somehow there will always be an exception, but who and how that is determined is beyond me."

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